Confidentiality is a matter of trust between a company and their clients. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that the sensitive information they have collected never falls into the wrong hands. This threat becomes a heightened concern every time a company refreshes their technology or adds their excess inventory into the secondary market. But, by using secure data wiping, companies can effectively eliminate all of the sensitive data on their hard drives and other forms of recordable media while keeping the equipment suitable for resale or donation.

If you have an excess of IT assets that you are looking to sell off as part of an IT Asset Recovery strategy, secure data wiping is your best option for maintaining the privacy and security of your clients and customers while maximizing the value of your equipment on the secondary market.

Compliant & Secure Data Wiping

According to the Department of Defense's data destruction guidelines as outlined in DoD 5220.22-M, secure data wiping consists of overwriting each sector of the disk no less than three times. The manner in which the process occurs is as follows:

  • On the first pass, all of the data in each sector is replaced by a character
  • On the second pass, each character is replaced by its complement
  • On the third pass, each sector is then filled with a random character

Data Wiping Top Secret Information

When a hard drive or other form of recordable media contains information that is classified top secret, additional processes are used in the hard drive data wipe process. For top secret information to be effectively considered wiped, the three data wiping steps mentioned previously are performed first, followed by the removal of classified labels, markings and activity logs. Finally, E-Solutions USA performs physical destruction by means of shredding.

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