Hard drive destruction, or disc shredding, is the act of physically shredding a hard drive to the point that it can no longer be used and the information contained is completely irretrievable. Hard drive shredding is performed by inserting the hard drive into an industrial shredder where it is completely physically destroyed so that no data can be retrieved.

DoD Compliant Hard Drive Shredding

E-Solutions USA offers state-of-the-art on-site or off-site hard drive destruction services that are fully compliant with the standards set within the Department of Defense's guidelines (DoD 5220.22-M) for effective Data Destruction. We also provide an outstanding level of quality assurance to our customers through our intensive chain of custody documentation and auditable reports of the finished procedure that features serial number reporting, data destruction documentation and more.

All of the equipment we use in our hard drive destruction process is approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) and included on their Evaluated Product List (EPL).

Choosing Hard Drive Destruction

For most companies, IT Asset Recovery is their primary goal and it's always the first consideration for E-Solutions USA, but, not every piece of equipment retains its value over a period of time. For equipment that has no residual value and that which is not qualified for donation, re-selling or re-using, complete physical destruction of the storage media is often the best choice.

E-Solutions USA has an international network which enables us to provide consistent hard drive data destruction standards to your company, regardless of where you're located. We also adhere to a no-landfill policy throughout our network and ensure that all materials are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

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If your Surplus Electronics has retained its value, E-Solutions USA's IT Asset Recovery services will help you get the greatest return on your investment. But, for the equipment that no longer holds value, complete hard drive destruction is recommended. Contact us today by calling us at 631-234-7362 to speak directly with a specialist. Or, simply fill out the request form located on this page and one of our asset recovery professionals will contact you promptly to discuss your needs.

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