These days, printers are a disposable commodity in the workplace. This fact makes printer recycling an important resource in a practical IT management strategy.

Due to the low cost of printers and the relatively high cost of ink, many large scale companies prefer to outright replace their printers every so often rather than paying to continually replace the costly cartridges. And rather than paying to store their collection of old unused printers, more and more companies are choosing printer recycling.

Proper printer recycling breaks down the printers into various components which can often be used in a different capacity, thus keeping certain dangerous materials out of local landfills.

Responsible Computer Printer Recycling

With our printer recycling services, your unused equipment will first undergo an intensive inspection to determine whether or not the equipment has any residual value on the secondary market. In many cases, we can broker a deal for your assets in which you can get a solid return on your investment. Or, if it is determined that the printers have no value but are still in good operational standing, they may be suitable for donating to a particular charity. Lastly, if the printers are damaged or hold no operational value, then we can effectively dispose of the printers according to the government's standards.

As part of our comprehensive suite of IT Asset Recovery and Management services, E-Solutions USA offers computer printer recycling services that fully adhere to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) guidelines and the government's regulatory recommendations for proper disposal of electronic waste.

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