E-Solutions USA has over 25 years of experience providing environmental recycling solutions for major corporations and organizations. In fact, we've been practicing eco-friendly recycling long before it became a hot topic of corporate responsibility. Our long-standing support and practice of providing reliable green IT solutions enables our customers to feel confident that their equipment will be properly recycled and disposed of if it doesn't qualify for IT Asset Recovery through resale or donation.

Green IT Solutions That Comply With Current Regulations

E-Solutions USA's environmental recycling solutions ensure that your company's reputation remains intact and that all federal and state guidelines concerning the disposal of retired electronics are followed. Over the last few years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has become more stringent on how E-Waste should be recycled and more active on punishing those companies that fail to adhere to these new regulations. With green IT solutions that in most cases exceed federal and state regulations, those worries are non-existent.

Our comprehensive suite of environmental recycling solutions fully complies with the following regulations:

Asset Recovery & Environmental Recycling Solutions

Before E-Solutions USA salvages your equipment, we first determine whether or not your Excess Electronic have any value on the secondary PC market. This is a critical component in our environmental recycling solution as we can often not only extend the life of these electronics through resale, but we can also get a return on your investment to help minimize your losses and increase your profitability.

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