Technology changes so fast that before long, you're wondering what to do with a growing inventory of obsolete electronics. Corporations will often ignore this problem and just store the equipment so it's out of the way. The problem with this method is that no matter where the obsolete electronics components are being stored, on-site or off, it's costing your company money.

What are Obsolete Electronics?

Obsolete electronics are components that are no longer supported by the manufacturer who made them. These components are often called "end-of-life," meaning they reached the end of their technically-supported lifespan. In many cases, the equipment may still function properly, but because the manufacturer has ceased supporting that model or product line, the value of the obsolete electronics is usually poor enough to make it unreasonable for resale on the secondary market.

What Happens to Obsolete Electronic Parts & Components?

Before obsolete electronics are disposed of, an IT Asset Recovery specialist like E-Solutions USA should still take the time to determine the value of the equipment. Some components, although obsolete, may still hold some residual value.

If this is the case, E-Solutions USA can help you get the best return on your investment. If the obsolete components and parts are in fact worthless on the secondary market but they still function perfectly, we may be able to arrange a donation where a charity can receive better equipment than what they currently have. If it is determined that the equipment is not eligible for donation or resale, then the equipment can be destroyed and recycled according to state and federal guidelines for the proper disposal of E-Waste.

Dispose of Obsolete Electronics Responsibly

E-Solutions USA specializes in IT asset recovery and we may be able to help you get a return on your investment by successfully marketing you inventory of obsolete electronics. Contact us today by calling 631-234-7362 to speak directly with one of our specialists. Or, simply fill out the request form located on this page and one of our asset recovery professionals will contact you promptly to discuss your needs.

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