E-Solutions USA offers our customers the convenience and flexibility of universal waste recycling. Electronic equipment and related accessories like Batteries, lamps, Light Bulbs, and mercury-containing equipment are manufactured using a variety of chemical by-products and heavy metals that can seriously damage the environment as they gradually break down over time. Universal waste disposal and recycling effectively reduces the amount of caustic materials entering the nation's landfills and it's a viable addition to every corporate green initiative.

EPA's Universal Waste Disposal Regulations

Proper universal waste recycling and disposal adheres to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) hazardous waste management regulations as set forth in 40 CFR Part 273. This set of regulations provides in-depth instruction on how these particular products are to be recycled to prevent them from entering local landfills. As part of our universal waste recycling program, E-Solutions USA meets or exceeds EPA and government regulatory recommendations.

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E-Solutions USA is a leader in IT Asset Recovery services and we offer safe and compliant universal waste recycling for the benefit of our clients. From universal waste batteries to universal waste lamps and more, we can help you get rid of your surplus in a safe and effective manner. Contact E-Solutions USA today by calling us at 631-234-7362 to speak directly with a specialist. Or, simply fill out the request form located on this page and one of our asset recovery professionals will contact you promptly to discuss your needs.

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