Each year, companies can go through hundreds of light bulbs. Multiply that by the number of companies in a given region and there are an immense number of light bulbs entering local landfills annually. Many of these light bulbs contain low-risk hazardous materials that can eventually impact the environment. To help control this, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has instituted light bulb recycling guidelines as part of their Universal Waste Recycling regulations.

Proper Light Bulb Disposal

Nearly all light bulbs contain some level of mercury, but in fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and mercury vapor bulbs, the levels are significantly higher. By following the proper light bulb recycling process for these specific types of bulbs, you'll be making a difference.

E-Solutions USA, one of the industry's leading IT Asset Recovery companies, can help you safely dispose of and recycle light bulbs in a manner that complies with EPA and government regulatory guidelines.

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